Herfst & Partner's special expertise lies in screening and psychological assessment of candidates who want to follow a course and/or a profession in which passenger and colleague's safety is of main importance. For example candidates who want to become a commercial pilot or helicopter pilot or who want to be a train, tram- or metro(underground) driver.

Certain major events and traumatic experiences might have taken place during the course of the life of the above described candidates, that might influence their stability in a negative way. For instance a depression ( Depressive Disorder ) or Posttraumatic Stress Disorder ( PTST ) may arise. This implicates that we give specific importance to the mental stability competence when we psychologically screen candidates on the required suitability criteria.

Research shows that accidents in aviation and other branches of transportation, can often be related to human factor instead of a technical malfunction. This again emphasises the importance to maintain the mental condition of pilots and other public transport drivers during the course of their working life. Therefore we think it of the utmost importance that a thorough screening takes place right at the start as well as a periodical assessment.

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