At the end of the examination, the IAP psychologist will discuss the results with the candidate and explain the extent to which his/her profile is consistent with the job profile. In other words, the psychologist will tell the candidate whether the IAP will support his/her application with a positive opinion. 

This evaluation also forms the basis of the report that will be drawn up by the IAP. A description of the candidate’s competency profile and intellectual capacities will be part of the report.

Only after a candidate has given permission for the report to be sent to the concerned airline or flight school will the IAP do this (the candidate will also receive a copy of the report). 

The results and conclusions will relate only to the question of the candidate’s suitability for the relevant flight school and job.

The report remains valid for a period of two years.

The role of the IAP in the selection procedure is limited to that of advisor. This means that the IAP reports to the airline or flight school on whether the candidate was found to be adequately qualified based on the examination results.

The final decision on the acceptance of a student or employee is taken by the flight school or airline itself.

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