Institute for Aviation Psychology


The Institute for Aviation Psychology (IAP) provides personal and professional human resource management services for the aviation industry.
Flight schools and commercial airlines are our main clients.

The IAP is a part of Herfst & Partners and thanks to the central location of our offices – we are located in The Hague and in Amsterdam – we are well placed to offer our services nationwide.

Pilot Talent & Cabin Crew Talent  

Pilot Talent and Cabin Crew Talent offers you an online test programme. For more information click the link's below: 

Pilot Talent - your online test specialistCabin Crew Talent

There are a number of reasons why human resource managers at commercial airlines and flight schools engage a psychological assessment bureau. Read about function and purpose of psychological examination and assessment centers. 

Herfst & Partner's special expertise lies in screening and psychological assessment of candidates who want to follow a course and/or a profession in which passenger and colleague's safety is of main importance.

Depending on the competency profile and the job profile that we receive from the flight school or airline (or have developed together with them), several elements may be part of the psychological examination and/or the assessment programme.

Institute for aviation psychology

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